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Hairdressing in 2016. By David Troy.

I have been cutting & coloring hair for over 25 years all over the world. Starting my hairdressing life in Australia, were I was born, was a lot different from today were I still cut behind the chair in a salon I own in Texas. 2016 is going to be a big one on so many levels for this industry with Snapchat taking a new level of social media and opening the door to a new client-hairdresser relationship. 

At the start of this year I open a Snapchat account  Now, I do have my salon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in which we have been posting on regularly however, not as often as we should but we always got a little feed back. Now with Snapchat being what Twitter was in 2006, even though it's still new and a lot of people are just working it out, it is primed this year to explode into the new way to contect with all your clients. A lot of people have a misconceived idea it's all about sending naked photos or porn but it's all about taking real time life and getting real time feed back. The fact that it disappears is so amazing to me as it open the door to always looking forward and never feeling like you have to look back. So often hairdressers get the bad side to social media trying to live up to the clients expectations. By only posting that one client of the day that had a dramatic change. Now with Snapchat, we can post everything with out the fear that it will clog the newsfeed. Clients like to see all that is happening from being on the cutting floor to the employees in the back room. I am getting to follow and talk to hairdressers all over the world,  reminicent of  my younger days when I was going from county to county cutting hair.  Snapchat is making our industry real again, unedited and raw and not a photo that is cropped and filtered then posted. Magazine photos are all worked on, altered and edited for hours where as Snapchat is real! There is a man, Gray Vaynerchuk, who made me realize that we can sit around and complain why we are not making it or we can just go and get it. I believe that 2016 is going to fly by and come December, as you Snapchat your kids opening the Christmas presents you will realize they you could of missed the boat. A great friend once said to me "It's not what you would do in someone else's shoes, It's what are you going to do in your own!" 

Open your snapchat and follow me David Troy @ David Troy Salon and start discovering. 

David Troy


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